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Hay For Sale

Small compact bales available in various hay types - lucerne, oaten, pasture, clover , straws and mulches. Contact us for a stockist in your area or if you wish to stock our hay.

Hay Available:

  • MH2 Lucerne Hay
  • MH2 Oaten Hay
  • MH2 Clover Hay
  • MH2 Lucerne Mulch
  • MH2 Straw
  • MH2 Pasture Hay
  • MH2 Pea/Bean Straw

Other types may also be available upon request.

Hay bale sizes available:

Compact bales MH2 (2 string) bales : c16kg – c25kg - come stacked on a pallet of 36 bales and plastic wrapped

Medium Square bales – 8’ x 4’ x 3’ (limited supply available)

The small compact bales are made using quality medium square bales which are cut up and re-stringed into the smaller bales.

  • Great for travelling to shows, race meets & pony clubs etc.
  • Bales fit easily into a car, ute or horse float
  • Bales break up into biscuits for easy feeding
  • Smaller and denser than conventional small bales means more efficient transport
  • Available all year

MH2 Lucerne Hay


MH2 Clover Hay


MH2 Pasture Hay


MH2 Oaten Hay






MH2 Pea/Bean Straw


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