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Miles Hay have been in the hay industry for over 25 years growing, baling and selling their own top quality hay. They offer contract hay services and a also have a range of large and small bales of hay for sale.

Miles Hay is based near Naracoorte, SA and started as a contracting hay business in 1998 by Nick and Fiona Miles when it was known as Miles Hay Baling Contractors.

Prior to this Nick worked as a hay contractor for five years and has been involved with the hay industry for over twenty five years dealing with all types of pasture hay, export lucerne, oaten hay, clover tops and all types of straw and garden mulch.

Fiona holds a Diploma in Business Management and operates the administration side of the business, from client liaison to account management, marketing and sales.

In 2005 they purchased their own farm near Naracoorte and have since grown a vast range of all types of hay with their main production being irrigated quality Lucerne. The business has grown at a rapid rate and currently offers hay services including raking, mowing with a Massey double conditioner mower, baling using a Massey 2170 baler, stacking and sales of both the large and small hay bales.

In 2011 the Miles imported a hay processing plant from the US which cuts the large 8’ x 4’ x 3’ bales into smaller conventional bales. The machine also stacks 36 of the small bales (MH2 bales) onto a pallet then wraps the pallet in plastic making it easy to load and unload using a forklift. These small bales are available at a range of fodder and rural stores throughout Victoria and South Australia.

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